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Since I installed Hubzilla on my server I get these regular peaks every day on my Apache:


The very first peak happened on that day I installed Hubzilla. Installation was shortly after midnight on April 15th, first peak was around 2:00-4:00 in the night. Today it was between 4:45 and 5:20.

Is this a normal peak? Are any maintenance tasks running at that time that could cause such a peak?
please note: not all tasks of the cron job are done on each call. Some tasks of the cronjob are done once a day or once a week or even once a month. But to be fair I don't have a monitoring in that detail. It's just a guess from my side.
You're probably seeing Cron_daily do its stuff. You can change the hour this runs if it turns out to be inconvenient. See Zotlabs/Daemon/Cron_daily.php to see what it is doing. I think what you're seeing is probably the daily poll of your connections to see if they changed anything or posted something that didn't get delivered to you for some unknown reason. If they're all hitting at once you might want to adjust your polling interval and spread them out a bit more.
I'm still puzzled what's going on.... ;-)

When this is caused by some cron takss, I would expect that this would happen basically at the same time each day, but this is not the case as you can see from the Apache processes below. Yesterday the peak started maybe 5:40 and ended at 6:00 a.m., today it was more like 5:50 starting and ending at 6:10 a.m.:


On the other hand when this would be triggered by the cron events of remote hubs that are connecting to my hub this moving peak would be explainable. Then I should see some increased traffic to my server:


Here you can see increased throughput of my firewall, but this is not the full picture:


On my external interface eth0 there is no increased traffic but on my internal eth1 you can see matching peaks. As my database is on another VM reachable via the internal link, this is explainable.

But what I don't understand then is: when it is a cron task causing the peak, why is my Apache peaking as well? I would expect a peak on CPU and maybe network when php polls data from external hubs. Is this triggered by calling http requests of my own hub? And which setting do I need to change to limit the peak? :-)


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Ingo J├╝rgensmannIngo J├╝rgensmann wrote the following post Wed, 18 Apr 2018 13:23:07 +0200

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Aufruf: Alternativen zu Twitter und Co. endlich nutzen!

Retro ComputingRetro Computing wrote the following post Tue, 17 Apr 2018 15:32:19 +0200
New forum for vintage/retro computing
Have you ever used a C64, a Spectrum ZX or an Atari XL?

Are you an Atari or Amiga Fan? Or did you IT career start with an Apple ][?

Remember going online the first time in a near-by BBS using a 1200 baud modem?

If you are still interested in those computers and stories today, this is your forum of choice! Tell your story or show your vintage computers!
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The Hubzilla database is filling up with content, slowly but steady...


It will need some more days and more contacts to match the size of my #Friendica database. ;)
 from Friendica
There was no notification so far that you have tagged me in that thread... strange...
I'm getting confused... Hubzilla is not able to communicate in threaded replies and when you answer to my hubzilla account on friendica it's a threded reply, but over here it's just append to the bottom.
And on Friendica I cannot reply to that threaded answer from my account as there is no reply icon.

I guess, mixing up both networks is a bad idea - or I have mixed up my hubzilla config... ;)
 from Friendica
Ok, one idea is: I've deactivated many notification settings in Hubzilla to get rid off all those notification mails. Maybe this is causing the problem of not getting notified? Hmmm...
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!Hubzilla Support Forum

For some unknown reasons I'm unable to add my #Friendica contact from to my #Hubzilla account. There is already a relationship in one direction. On Friendica my Hubzilla account is listed as "You are a fan of..." while I don't see the Friendica account on Hubzilla.

Did I miss something to configure/activate on Hubzilla? I've activated "Hubzilla-to-Friendica Connector" and the "Diaspora Protocol" plug-ins.
Ingo, in Hubzilla you don't follow hashtags in the way you would do in Diaspora or Friendica. We use forum channels for that. You can connect with a forum and say hi from your server via an !tag (like you probably did with @Hubzilla Support Forum ) or you can go directly to the forum page and write on the forums wall (if you have permission to do so). You will be automagically authenticated at the forums server - this is one of the unique hubzilla features.
As I said: lots to learn... I figured out that #newhere and @newhere that @Sophie was mentioning are different things right after I clicked on "Submit" of my last post...  :-)
after I clicked on "Submit"

@Ingo Juergensmann that's how it goes.... :wink:
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Yesterday I installed Hubzilla on in parallel of my looong running #Friendica node on, just because I was curious what Hubzilla is and how it works.
No wonder that I currently feel more familiar with my own #Friendica node than with my own and new #Hubzilla.

New users are welcome to register. This installation is about to stay! :-)
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